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Marsatta's Journal

  • Our Black Friday Deal
    November 25, 2021 Jeffray D. Gardner

    Our Black Friday Deal

    20% off all digital Gift Cards. Valid until Monday at 11:59PM PST. By purchasing our gift cards, you are not only helping us fundraise for a new factory, but you also get a substantial discount on our chocolates. A true win-win, and special thank you for your support.

    This Thanksgiving, we wanted to thank our incredible supporters, who have been a big part of our journey, as we continue to grow towards our mission...sharing the craft of bean-to-bar chocolate. 
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  • Our Favorite Part of the State in a bite!
    September 23, 2021 Naomi Gardner

    Our Favorite Part of the State in a bite!

    Fall is finally here. It's our favorite season (sshhh..don't tell Spring). We love the optimism in fall. School is back into session, the leaves turning color, and most importantly, LA Kings return back to the ice!What we really miss is...

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  • What?! A Cigar and Port a chocolate?!
    March 31, 2021 Naomi Gardner

    What?! A Cigar and Port a chocolate?!

    Yes, you read that correctly. We're very excited to collaborate with Lone Wolf Cigar Company of Los Angeles, to help us infused one of the finest cigars with deep notes of chocolate, cedar, and just raw awesomeness into a chocolate. ...

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