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"Sapphire Label" - 74% Bean-To-Bar Chocolate


Award-winning bean-to-bar chocolates. Made in-house in state-of-the-art Machinery (Thank you for your support, LA Kings!)

Freshness You Can Taste: We source our cacao from the best farmers in South & Central America. After years of searching, we have partnered with a particular supplier that aligns with our values on fair trade. Their cacao is exquisite, flavorful, that are packed with rich nutrients.  

How It's Made: We roast the cacao in-house, dialed to right conditions in temperature and pressure to unlock the right flavor profiles for each grade. After the roasting, we take the chocolate and mix it in our refinery machine sourced from Europe. This machine gives the chocolate that velvety soft texture that melts in your mouth. We then add natural and organic sugar, depending the grade of chocolate. 

Aroma & Taste: On the nose, you're notice a variety of notes from sophisticated fruity hints, to bold espresso. On the palate, these notes are expanded with a plethora of flavor profiles, each independent yet drumming to the same beat. The texture of the chocolate is velvety smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, that amplifies the orchestra of flavors. 

Freshness You Can Taste: These chocolates only have two ingredients: Cacao and organic sugar.