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"Ube Brownie" - Bianca Bustamante x Marsatta Chocolate


We're excited to unveil the Ube Brownie bar, made exclusively with Bianca Bustamante. This delectable treat is the result of a 10-month collaboration with Bianca, a talented Filipina race car driver, to bring a unique blend of flavors that combines the best of Filipino and American tastes. The bar takes you on a flavorful journey through tropical notes where ube shines brightly.

Distinctive Filipino Flavor: Bianca infuses her Filipino heritage into this bar with ube, a purple yam native to the Philippines. Enhanced by notes of vanilla and coconut, the ube melds beautifully with the chocolate base, creating a harmonious and delightful flavor.

A Delectable Chocolate Experience: This carefully crafted bar uses only the finest ingredients, including organic coconut sugar and real vanilla, avoiding artificial vanillin. The rich chocolate complements the ube, offering a balanced and sophisticated taste that's sure to satisfy.

Health Benefits: By using organic coconut sugar and natural vanilla, we've ensured that this bar is as wholesome as it is delicious. Coconut sugar provides a lower glycemic index compared to traditional sugars, while natural vanilla is rich in antioxidants.

Supporting a Meaningful Cause: A part of the proceeds from this bar will support Kusina ng Kalinga, a charity that provides healthy meals to children in need across the Philippines. Learn more and contribute directly to the cause:

Child & Youth Development



Facebook: Facebook/gawadkalinga

Every purchase helps provide resources to children in underserved communities. Enjoy the Ube Brownie bar and join us in supporting this vital cause.