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Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Strawberries


Powered by Purple Dot pre-order, we are now taking batch orders of Chocolate Strawberries, available every other Saturday. 

The first batch will be available on Saturday, July 9th. Guaranteed for only those that pre-order in advance. 

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate meets Organic Strawberries: We take the best strawberries (big, and juicy), and dip it into our very own bean-to-bar chocolate. This chocolate is aged for 6 months, and made from our proprietary process of roasting our own cocoa beans, grinding it into chocolate form, and perfecting the taste with complex techniques.  

The Craftmanship of Chocolate: This may look only like chocolate covered strawberries, but it is so much more. The deep velvety notes of the bean-to-bar chocolate complements the juicy fruity flavor. 

Available for Pick-up (Lawndale, CA) Only: Due to the shelf-life (roughly 24 hours), we can only offer pick-up, only on Saturdays. Free cancellation within 48 hours of pick-up. Due to the short shelf-live and the long preparation time, we cannot offer any cancelation prior to 48 hours of the pick-up date. 

Why Pre-Order? What's the Value in This?: We struggled to find a way to make the right amount of chocolate covered strawberries to justify offering this. It's our most requested product, and the taste is phenomenal. However, due to the shelf-life of the fresh strawberries, it was difficult to pull this off. However, thanks to our friends at Purple Dot, we were able to sell this premium product as a pre-order. This lets us know the exact amount of chocolate we need to make. This also helps with sustainability, as we do not have any excess product that is gone to waste. Truly an innovation and a preview of how specialized products like these will be optimized in the future.