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The Most Memorable Bar in Los Angeles

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In the spirit of Halloween 🎃, and inspired by a call to excellence from a prominent YouTuber, Tyler Blanchard, Chef Jeffray embarked on a culinary quest to craft not just a chocolate bar, but a timeless masterpiece that embodies the very essence of Los Angeles . Titled "The All Hallows' Chocolate Alchemy," this bar is a symphony of select ingredients, each harmonizing to create an unparalleled chocolate experience:

  1. 🍫 Pure Cacao: Direct from exotic lands, this chocolate's heart resonates with the rich, unblemished essence of nature's finest cacao beans. Each bite takes you on a decadent journey, replete with the primal allure of cocoa.

  2. ⏳ Aged Excellence: The chocolate matures over a meticulous span of six months, ensuring every piece unfolds with historic layers of taste. It's not just chocolate—it's time's exquisite craftsmanship made edible.

  3. 🤫Chef's Secret: Nestled within is a clandestine blend, an enigmatic recipe known only to Chef Jeffray, turning each morsel into an adventurous exploration of flavor.

  4. 🥃 Whiskey's Bold Embrace: Ordinary cacao nibs undergo a thrilling transformation, as they are infused in a $300 bottle of whiskey, producing a carousel of spirited nuances.

  5.  🍄 French Truffle Serenade: Authentic truffles procured from the renowned "Truffle Shuffle" bestow an earthy, luxurious note, orchestrating a gourmet symphony with every nibble.

  6. 🌊 Ocean's Gentle Whisper: Sea salt, harvested with utmost care from Santa Barbara's pristine shores, adds a crystalline touch, hinting at the vast, mysterious depths of the ocean.

  7. 🐄 Creamy Pastoral Symphony: Thanks to a collaborative endeavor with Humboldt Creamery, the organic milk in this bar whispers tales of lush meadows, pastoral beauty, and creamy decadence.

  8. 🌼 Tahitian Vanilla Ballet: Real Tahitian vanilla, with its beguiling aroma, leads the senses on an intoxicating dance, weaving sweetness amidst the cascading waves of chocolate.

  9. ✨ Gilded Indulgence: As a crowning touch, our bar is delicately sprinkled with authentic 24K gold flakes, inviting you to experience a lavish bite that's as opulent as it is flavorful.

With its unveiling slated for the night of All Hallows, this bar promises not only a burst of flavors but also a chocolate experience that tells tales, whispers secrets, and beckons one to journey through the annals of LA's culinary magic 🎭🍫.

Proceeds Go to GiveDirectly, Helping Those in Need:

This chocolate bar is more than just a delectable treat; it's a symbol of our commitment to making a positive difference. A generous portion of the proceeds from each bar sold will be channeled directly to GiveDirectly, a pioneering initiative that empowers donors to send financial assistance straight to those in poverty. By indulging in our luxurious chocolate, you're not only savoring world-class flavors but also directly contributing to alleviating poverty and creating a brighter future for many. 🌍❤️🍫

PRE-ORDER: Due to strong demands, we are preparing this bar for delivery to ship November 20th. Expected delivery from Nov 22 to 26th