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Partnerships, Collaborations, and a Special Treat: The Marsatta Chocolate Experience

Partnerships, Collaborations, and a Special Treat: The Marsatta Chocolate Experience

Greetings chocolate aficionados and culinary explorers! 👋 I'm Chef Jeffray, and today, I want to talk about the cornerstone of Marsatta Chocolate's philosophy: partnerships and collaborations. We firmly believe that the culinary world is a tapestry of flavors, and what better way to explore this vibrant landscape than by joining forces with likeminded artisans?

Clutch and Coffee: A Brew-tiful Connection ☕

Our first partnership to spotlight is none other than our wonderful collaboration with Clutch and Coffee. Merging the robust, aromatic world of coffee with our intricate chocolate flavors has created a match made in foodie heaven. We share not just the real estate of our local community but also a commitment to craft and quality. When you taste the fruits of this collaboration, you're tasting the essence of community spirit: rich, diverse, and full of heart ❤️.

An Exquisite Collaboration with Chado Tea 🍵

We are beyond thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Chado Tea. Two artisans, one cup, an unforgettable experience. The marriage of their exquisite teas with our bean-to-bar chocolate has opened up a world of flavor possibilities that we're excited to explore 🎉.

Special Offer: African Safari Crème Glacée 🍨

In celebration of this partnership, we've crafted something truly special, and we're giving it away for FREE to our rewards members 🌟. We present to you: African Safari Crème Glacée. Imagine the velvety elegance of gelato, but better. Available only at our Experience Centre in Old Torrance .

This offer lasts until Monday, August 28th, and it's while supplies last, so don't miss out! ⏳

Not a rewards member yet? Join here, and it's free to sign up.

A Flavor Journey Unlike Any Other 🦁

The African Safari Crème Glacée is a creamy yet floral confection that transports your taste buds to the sweeping savannas of Africa. It exudes an elegance akin to a real safari adventure. You'll journey through the lushness of our bean-to-bar chocolate 🍫, texturally enriched and swirled through this icy treat. Just like a safari, every spoonful is a new experience, a new horizon of flavor waiting to be discovered.

We're all about texture adventures here at Marsatta Chocolate. By infusing our bean-to-bar chocolate into the Crème Glacée, we've managed to capture the terrain of an African safari in every bite: rugged yet smooth, wild yet refined, exhilarating yet comforting 🦒.

Experience the Partnership in Person 👥

These collaborations aren't just about combining ingredients; they're about creating experiences, about deepening our relationships with our community and our neighbors. We invite you to be a part of this thrilling culinary adventure, to taste the fruits of these partnerships for yourself.

Hurry and make your way down to our Experience Centre in Old Torrance to claim your free cup of African Safari Crème Glacée. Your taste buds will thank you 🤤.

Till the next flavor adventure,
Chef Jeffray at Marsatta Chocolate

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