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"Grand Opening" - Chado Tea Infused Crème Glacée (African Safari)

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Introducing our latest collaboration with our esteemed neighbors, Chado Tea: La Crème Glacée au Rooibos Africana. This unique and luxurious treat promises an extraordinary gastronomic adventure, taking your taste buds on an African Safari like no other.

Combining Chado Tea's African Safari flavor, specifically the Rooibos Africana, this ice cream is a perfect blend of exoticism and tradition. With a simple click on this link Chado Tea's Rooibos Africana, you can explore the distinctive notes that make this infusion so special.

The taste profile of our Crème Glacée begins with the naturally sweet and nutty flavor of Rooibos, a herb indigenous to South Africa's beautiful mountainous landscapes. Infused directly into the velvety crème glacée, the Rooibos enhances the texture and enriches the taste with its earthy tones.

The journey doesn't end there; we've added delectable bean-to-bar dark chocolate that creates a crunchier savor twist. This element of rich, bitter chocolate contrasts beautifully with the Rooibos's sweetness, offering a complex and satisfying flavor experience.

Hints of honey, vanilla, and tropical fruits are subtly present in the background, completing this unique taste sensation. The interaction of these different flavors provides an intricate yet balanced dance on the palate, sure to enchant even the most discerning ice cream lovers.

Whether enjoyed alone or paired with a cup of Chado Tea's Rooibos Africana, our Crème Glacée promises a delightful culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. Limited in availability, this is an indulgence that should not be missed. Taste the fusion of tradition and exoticism today, and embark on a flavorful journey that celebrates the very essence of collaboration and innovation.