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"Father's Day" - Smog City Dubbel Old Fashion Bonbon


We are ecstatic to unveil our latest creation: the Smog City Dubbel Old Fashioned Infusion by Marsatta Chocolate. This decadent treat debuts at the South Bay Beer and Wine Festival, marking a special collaboration between Smog City Brewing and Marsatta Chocolate. Our infusion starts with the extraordinary Smog City Dubbel Old Fashioned, a bourbon barrel-aged Belgian Dubbel that balances rich, complex flavors with vibrant notes of cherries and orange peel. Enveloped in our luxurious dark chocolate, the beer’s unique profile is elevated to new heights.

The Marsatta Chocolate infusion captures the essence of the Dubbel Old Fashioned, enveloping its bold flavors within a velvety, premium dark chocolate shell. Inside, a smooth ganache infused with the beer retains the tart cherries, zesty orange peel, and bourbon warmth, creating a tantalizing blend that evolves with each bite. Each piece offers a sophisticated flavor experience, making it perfect for after-dinner indulgence or a cozy evening by the fireplace. Elevate your tasting experience with this exquisite blend of craft beer and fine chocolate, crafted with passion and precision.