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"Father's Day" - Small Batch Maple & Brandy Bonbon


Experience a journey of flavors with the Marsatta Chocolate Small Batch Maple Syrup + E&J Brandy Bonbon, a sophisticated treat that celebrates tradition and craftsmanship. Each bonbon is a tribute to the Johnson Family’s 40-year legacy of creating pure maple syrup from their Minnesota farm. Infused with the rich, caramel notes of their small-batch maple syrup and the warming embrace of E&J Brandy, this bonbon offers a harmonious blend of sweet and spirited indulgence.

The Story Behind the Flavor: Nestled just south of Cannon Falls, Minnesota, the Johnson Family has perfected the art of maple syrup production for over four decades. It all began with Grandpa Connie, who first tapped the maple trees surrounding his acre of woodland. Today, his grandson Jesse, along with the entire family, continues this cherished springtime tradition, boiling down sap into syrup while gathered around the fire. The Johnsons’ dedication ensures that each bottle of their small batch maple syrup captures the essence of their heritage and the unique environment of their farm.

A Taste to Remember: Our Small Batch Maple Syrup + E&J Brandy Bonbon combines the deep, earthy sweetness of pure maple syrup with the smooth, velvety finish of classic brandy. Encased in Marsatta's finest chocolate, each bite offers a luxurious and memorable taste experience. Perfect for savoring moments with loved ones, this bonbon is more than a confection—it's a celebration of time-honored traditions and the artistry of flavor.

Treat yourself or a loved one to this exclusive creation, and make Father’s Day truly special with the exquisite flavors of Marsatta Chocolate and the Johnson Family's small batch maple syrup.