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Mocha Bonbons (4 Piece)


Mocha. It is essentially chocolate infused in coffee. But what about the reverse? Introducing Marsatta's most popular chocolates, now with a twist: The Mocha Bonbons. 

How It's Made: These bonbons are made from the most exquisite dark chocolate sourced from western European. During the prep, we take a special variety of Costa Rican coffee, sourced from the "Grand Cru" batch from our key partner in South America. Grinded in-house and of the same day as the chocolate infusion, the freshness leads to unique notes, that complement the dark richness of the chocolate with the bold espresso flavor the coffee. 

Aroma: On the nose, you're pick up the aroma from the profile of coffee bean, including a gentle fragrance of dark espresso. We've coated each chocolate with a special powder made from a unique recipe of in-house Costa Rican coffee and dark chocolate. This powder adds another texture richness, and further distinguishes the experience. 

Bonbon Design: From a visual distance, you'll notice a very unique shape of the bonbon. This shape, designed from our "Chocolate as an Art" series, is inspired by the espresso designs from the days of our grandfathers. The two peaks represents the past and future, colliding together like two forces. As least that's what our in-house artist tells us...