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Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year, and even the Superbowl...we have you covered!

Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year, and even the Superbowl...we have you covered!

Hey there, sweet tooths and flavor seekers!

Chef Jeffray here, your culinary guide to a world where chocolate meets artistry, and every bite tells a story. As we roll into the season of love and new beginnings, let me whisk you away on a taste adventure that's as bold and vibrant as the Year of the Dragon itself.

Imagine biting into a Raspberry bonbon, where the sharp, lively burst of berry meets the smooth, seductive flow of chocolate—like a love song that hits all the right notes. Then, there's the Vietnamese Coffee flavor, a robust, deep embrace that wakes the soul, akin to the first, electrifying glance from a stranger across a crowded room.

But let's not overlook the Toasted Coconut & Oolong Tea, a duo that dances on the palate with a grace and complexity that's as unexpected as finding your soulmate on a journey far from home. It's the chocolate equivalent of a dragon's mystique—powerful, wise, and endlessly fascinating.

And for a touch of fun, think of these chocolates as the Taylor Swift of your Super Bowl party—destined to steal the spotlight and leave everyone craving more.

So, are you ready to be enchanted? Dive into our seasonal collection and let each flavor serenade your senses. Visit us for a tasting; it's an experience that promises to be as memorable as a chart-topping hit or a game-winning play.

Till then, keep savoring the sweet side of life!

For a deeper exploration of our flavors, make sure to check out our Experience Centre in Old Torrance, where we're giving free samples (until supplies last). Let's make this season truly unforgettable.

Chef Jeffray

Visit us at: 

Marsatta Experience Centre
1321 Post Ave, Torrance, CA (Old Torrance Downtown)
Open 11am - 6pm (every day this week!)

We're also doing romantic tastings for 2. Check it out here

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