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Cupid's After Hours: A Valentine's Spectacle at Marsatta Chocolate!

Cupid's After Hours: A Valentine's Spectacle at Marsatta Chocolate!

Hello, Lovelies and Chocolate Aficionados! 🍫❤️

This Valentine's Day, Marsatta Chocolate isn't just opening its doors; we're rolling out the red carpet for a celebration of love, laughter, and the fine art of bean-to-bar chocolate. After 21 years of crafting chocolate that's as rich in humor as it is in cacao, we're gearing up for a Valentine's bash so spectacular, even Cupid's RSVPing "yes" (and bringing a date).

Special Tastings: When the Clock Strikes Chocolate ⏰🍓

As twilight embraces the day and the clock strikes 6, prepare your taste buds for an enchanting journey. Our special tastings at 6pm and 7pm are crafted to serenade your palate with the symphony of our finest bean-to-bar chocolates, paired in perfect harmony with our special Valentine's Day bonbon flavors. Imagine the essence of passion fruit mingling with the boldness of dark chocolate, or the delicate whisper of rose caressing the richness of milk chocolate—these are the flavors of love at Marsatta. Reserve your seats here

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries & Limited-Edition Bonbons: A Race Against Time 🏃‍♂️🍓

Our legendary chocolate-dipped strawberries are back, bathed in our signature bean-to-bar chocolate and ready to steal hearts. But beware, these beauties are first-come, first-serve, and they vanish faster than a crush's fleeting glance. And let's not forget our special Valentine's Day bonbon flavors, each a love letter wrapped in chocolate, destined to sell out before you can say "Be mine." Order them here

21 Years of Chocolate, Love, and Laughs 🎉💖

Reflecting on 21 years of Marsatta Chocolate, it's your love and laughter that have been the sweetest treat of all. From our early days of mastering the alchemy of bean-to-bar chocolate to creating bonbons that whisper sweet nothings to your soul, you've been our inspiration, our critics, and our biggest fans. Try our valentines day special flavors here

Through every chocolate experiment gone right (or delightfully wrong), every Valentine's Day rush, and every moment in between, your support has been the secret ingredient that's made our chocolate not just food, but a story—a story of community, passion, and a shared love for the finer (and sweeter) things in life.

So, Here's to You and to Love! 🥂🍫

This Valentine's, join us at Marsatta Chocolate for a celebration that's a testament to love, to the magic of bean-to-bar chocolate, and to the endless joy you bring into our lives. Let's make memories, let's laugh, and let's indulge in the richness of love (and chocolate).

Thank you for 21 incredible years. Here's to the love stories yet to be written, the chocolates yet to be tasted, and the Valentine's Days yet to come.

With all the love (and chocolate) in our hearts,

Chef Jeffray and the Marsatta Chocolate Team

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