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Marsatta's Journal

  • Black Friday Sales and a Thanksgiving Reflection
    November 25, 2022 Jeffray Gardner

    Black Friday Sales and a Thanksgiving Reflection

    It's been an incredible Thanksgiving! We've had a blast taking an entire Thanksgiving Feast into a chocolate, we've celebrated the world cup with a special chocolate symbolic to Brazilian culture, and even took a trip out to the German Christmas...

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  • Our Black Friday Deal
    November 25, 2021 Jeffray D. Gardner

    Our Black Friday Deal

    20% off all digital Gift Cards. Valid until Monday at 11:59PM PST. By purchasing our gift cards, you are not only helping us fundraise for a new factory, but you also get a substantial discount on our chocolates. A true win-win, and special thank you for your support.

    This Thanksgiving, we wanted to thank our incredible supporters, who have been a big part of our journey, as we continue to grow towards our mission...sharing the craft of bean-to-bar chocolate. 
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