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Black Friday Sales and a Thanksgiving Reflection

Black Friday Sales and a Thanksgiving Reflection

It's been an incredible Thanksgiving! We've had a blast taking an entire Thanksgiving Feast into a chocolate, we've celebrated the world cup with a special chocolate symbolic to Brazilian culture, and even took a trip out to the German Christmas Market

As this time, we often reflect on how our Journey has developed over the past 20 years. Ever since the pandemic, we’ve given everything we got to push this business to a new level. From new packaging, upgraded store experience, and a push for better operations, we are inspired to build a better Marsatta experience for you, our most important customers.

Every time we hear from our customers, we get the biggest gift...your honest feedback. It's through this feedback that we learn, we grow, and we believe. We are constantly tinkering, but not because of sheer sales or profits. We tinker because we strive for a genuine smile on our customers. To know that we can bring joy to all types of people, from young to less young, and from the heart of Los Angeles to small villages in Europe. That joy moves us. 

To do what we do, is truly a privilege. We are not just chocolate makers, but storytellers, historians, and modern-day explorers. We are curators, helping those to find the same passion in craft chocolate that have driven us for a quarter-century. Like a vintage wine, we get goose-bumps on these subtle notes, but our heart warms when we get to share this experience with customers that turn into supporters, patrons, and most importantly, family. 

This year, we decided to give our best deals we have ever given on Black Friday. We do this, not to conform to Big Chocolate's corn-syrup approach to capitalism (NEVER!). Rather, we do this to truly say thank you. Thank you for your support through our most challenging years. Thank you for the continued believe that craft chocolate is an art and not a novelty. Thank you for pushing us to make the best chocolate in the world. 

This is not a sale, it's our way of saying thank you. 


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