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Cranberry and Gravy Bonbon

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2020 has been a tough year for millions of people. This holiday season, many Americans will not be able to travel back home to see their loved ones. That inspired us to create a chocolate that for one moment, enable us to forget about 2020. 

This thanksgiving season, we're very grateful for the opportunity to be the most innovation Chocolate company on the planet. We're also most thankful for having the best customers to support a small business like ours. Last but not least, we're most excited to complete this challenge and are very pleased to officially launch our "Cranberry and Gravy" bonbon. 

Using all natural Cranberry that is squeezed into a puree, the chocolate first hits the expected fruity overtones with a twist. Next comes a delightful rush of some of the finest chocolate west of the Mississippi. Finally, the gravy notes land, made with real gravy but infused in a very sophisticated way. Yes, you read that correctly...MADE WITH REAL GRAVY. 

Will this chocolate save 2020? Difficult to say, but for one small moment, we think it can...


Variety Pack: 

  • 1 Cranberry and Gravy Bonbon
  • 4 Assorted Bonbons (Pacific Salted Caramel, Lemon, Triple Dark, Pistachio) 

Uniform Pack

  • 5 Cranberry and Gravy Bonbon


Order before November 23rd to deliver by Thanksgiving day. 

Available for a limited time only.