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Chef Jeffray's Shamrock Shindig & Easter Escapades!

Chef Jeffray's Shamrock Shindig & Easter Escapades!

Hey there, my fellow chocoholics and flavor fanatics! Chef Jeffray here, coming at you with the kind of culinary capers that make St. Patrick himself wish he'd ditched the snakes for chocolate. We're about to dive headfirst into a pot of gold that's brimming with tastes so bold, they'd make a leprechaun do a double-take.

St. Patrick's Day Mayhem: Beer + Chocolate = Love

Let's cut to the chase: This St. Paddy's, we're doing something so outrageously fun, it might just be considered a public service. In a stroke of genius (or madness, you decide), we've teamed up with the crafty folks at Smog City Brewery to create a bonbon that's basically the life of the party dipped in chocolate. Our Smog City Standing Wave IPA infused bonbon is like your favorite beer decided to dress up in its finest chocolate suit and dance the jig.

So, pull up your socks and march your lucky selves down to our Experience Centre in Old Torrance (1321 Post Ave, to be exact) this weekend. We're throwing open our doors from 11am to 6pm and handing out free samples of this brewtiful creation like they're going out of style. It's a taste so magically delicious, you'll start believing in fairy tales again.

Easter Madness: Nana's Banana Bread Bonbon Revolution

As we bunny hop from St. Paddy's green to Easter's pastel dreams, let me introduce you to the star of our Easter parade: Nana's Banana Bread Bonbon. This isn't just any old chocolate. It's a trip down memory lane, back to when the biggest worry in life was whether you'd get the end piece of banana bread (you know, the piece with the extra crust).

Inspired by countless chats with you, our beloved customers, and memories of our own Nana's knee-slappingly good banana bread, we've crafted a bonbon that's as nostalgic as it is innovative. It's a love letter to childhood, wrapped in the sophistication of grown-up chocolate. Come taste what happens when nostalgia meets our mad chocolate skills.

The Main Event: This Weekend, Be There or Be Square

Alright, troops, here's the plan: This weekend, make a beeline for our Experience Centre. Not only will you get to sample the legendary IPA-infused bonbon, but you'll also get a sneak peek at our Easter collection that's as exciting as finding the last Easter egg when you thought the hunt was over.

In the heart of Old Torrance, our Experience Centre is where the magic happens. It's where chocolate dreams come true, and where we can share a laugh, a story, and maybe even a hug (or an elbow bump, because, you know, we're still cool like that).

So, let's make this St. Patrick's Day and Easter one for the books. Come for the chocolate, stay for the craic, and let's make some memories that'll last long after the last bonbon has been devoured.

Catch you on the flip side,

Chef Jeffray,

your flavor maestro and chief mischief-maker

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