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"St Patrick's Day" - Smog City IPA Bonbon

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Embark on a journey of unparalleled taste with the exclusive collaboration between the renowned Smog City Brewing and the artisan chocolatiers at Marsatta Chocolate. Introducing the Standing Wave IPA Chocolate Bonbon, a masterpiece of culinary fusion that marries the bold, hoppy essence of Smog City's signature Standing Wave IPA with the luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth quality of Marsatta's premium chocolates.

  • Collaboration Mastery: A unique partnership between Marsatta Chocolate and Smog City Brewing, combining the best of both worlds to create a beer-infused chocolate bonbon that stands out in flavor and craftsmanship.
  • Exquisite Flavor Fusion: Infused with Smog City's Standing Wave IPA, this chocolate bonbon blends the hoppy and citrus notes of the beer with the rich, nuanced flavors of Marsatta's bean-to-bar chocolate, offering a taste experience like no other.
  • Bean-to-Bar Excellence: Marsatta Chocolate's commitment to the bean-to-bar process ensures that each bonbon is made from the finest, ethically sourced cacao beans, delivering unmatched quality and depth of flavor.
  • Perfect Pairing: The innovative infusion process captures the essence of Standing Wave IPA, with its vibrant tropical and citrus hop character, creating a harmonious balance with the chocolate's creamy texture and complex flavor profile.
  • A Crafted Experience: This chocolate bonbon is not just a treat, but an exploration of flavor, showcasing the artistry and passion of both Smog City Brewing and Marsatta Chocolate, making it a truly special indulgence for beer and chocolate aficionados alike.