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Exotic Salt Collection - Salted Caramel Gift Box

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A special collection for World Environment that highlights incredible sources of salt across the world. Sourced from a Farmer's Market partner of Marsatta based out of Minnesota, focused on exotic salts. 

A unique complement to our Caramel Recipe: These salts provide a pull-and-tug effect on the caramel, unlocking a unique sense of flavor with a different lens.

  • Black Lava Sea Salt:
    • Flavor Profile: Savory warmth with Activated Coconut-Shell Charcoal
    • About: Our Black Lava Salt is harvested from the Pacific Ocean using ancient, traditional methods of solar evaporation to collect the salt and it's natural trace minerals. Infused with Activated Coconut Charcoal, this gives it a dramatic black hue and skin detoxifying properties. 
  • Ghost Pepper Salt: 
    • Flavor Profile: Flash Spicy Heat
    • About: One of our most popular caramels that is intertwined with Marsatta's history. Very popular with the caramel. 
  • Pink Himalayan Salt:
    • Flavor Profile: A romantic appeal with a touch of sweet
    • About: A special salt from the Himalayan mountains that has a natural pink aesthetic 
  • Citrus Herb Sea Salt: 
    • Flavor Profile: Savory Sweet
    • About: This leads to the most balanced chocolate, that maximizes flavor by hitting all the right notes, especially with a savory aroma