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Darren Criss x Marsatta Chocolate Limited Edition Crissmas Bars


Introducing the Darren Criss Collection – a symphony of flavors crafted exclusively for his 2023 musical tour. Elevate your taste experience with our three decadent bars, each a harmonious blend of fine chocolate and unique infusions.

1. Peppermint Infused Dark Chocolate:
Immerse yourself in the cool, refreshing embrace of peppermint, delicately infused into rich, dark chocolate. This bar is a testament to the collaboration between the world of music and culinary artistry.

2. Gingerbread Infused Milk Chocolate:
Let the warmth of gingerbread spice up your senses as it melds with velvety milk chocolate. A melody of flavors that transcends the ordinary, this bar is a testament to Darren Criss's passion for creating unforgettable experiences.

3. Whiskey-Marinated Nibs Milk Chocolate:
Unleash the bold notes of whiskey-marinated nibs in a smooth milk chocolate composition. This bar, a result of a unique collaboration, embodies the fusion of craftsmanship in both music and chocolate-making.

The Darren Criss Collection Combo:
Experience the full spectrum of indulgence by indulging in all three bars. This limited-time collection is not just a treat for your taste buds but a connection to the musical journey Darren Criss is embarking on across major cities in 2023.

Elevate your snack game with the Darren Criss Collection – where music meets chocolate in perfect harmony. Individual bars and combo packs are available now, making it a sweet companion for your moments of joy.