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Chef Jeffray’s Spook-tacular Halloween Chocolate Tales

Chef Jeffray’s Spook-tacular Halloween Chocolate Tales

Hello Chocolate Dreamers,

First off, let me tell you, if you think I only think about chocolates, well, you're right... but occasionally I daydream about other sweet things. Like goblins dipped in caramel or maybe ghosts wrapped in silky milk chocolate. Alright, alright, I jest! It's Halloween time, and I can't help but infuse a bit of whimsy into my chocolaty thoughts. 🎃

Speaking of infusing, it's your Canadian-Chocolate-Chef Jeffray here, blending in a hint of Canadian maple amidst a whirlwind of flavors! As we prepare to gobble down turkeys for Canadian Thanksgiving, guess who's top on our 'Thankful for' list? That's right! It's YOU. You’re the marshmallow to our hot cocoa, and for that, I might just dance the Monster Mash for you.

Close your eyes and imagine if Willy Wonka and the Great Pumpkin had a baby. What might they whip up for a Thanksgiving-Halloween crossover? Let's not get too carried away here (though it's tempting), but we've come close with our newest confectionary marvel: the Cranberry and Gravy Bonbon! 🍒🍛🍫 Think of it as Halloween candy for adults; you've graduated from those bite-sized bars, my friend.

Rebecca Rimmer from Fodor Editorial got her hands on one and said, "It was like an entire Thanksgiving dinner rolled up in the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted." But between you and me, Rebecca also said she saw a ghost when she took a bite. She might've just been really excited, or...? Full Review.

Our Eerily Sweet Gesture of Thanks: 🍁

To show our 'undying' love and commemorate Marsatta's 20 spook-tacular years, we're unveiling a ghastly treat. Dive into a chilling 25% off our Grand Cru collections using the code GRANDCRU25. Be quick! Just like a ghost, this offer will vanish into thin air by Monday, Oct 9th. Check out the collection here

Looking for a bewitching choco-adventure? Our revamped GrandCru gift set is your magic potion. And remember, it's not just a box, it’s a crypt of tales about our all-time favorite creations. Embrace the darkness, and the sweetness, right here.

Sending you all my most heartfelt thanks, wrapped in a little mischief, and drizzled with a touch of our Canadian roots. We are ever-grateful for letting us be the 'ghoulish' charm in your life!

Until we meet under a full moon (or at our Experience Centre), Chef Jeffray & The Marsatta Team (not zombies, promise! 🧟‍♂️)

P.S. Little secret? We're hosting haunting tasting classes at our Experience Centre. Curate your own chocolaty spells with none other than yours truly guiding you through the magic.


PPS. If you're brave enough, drop by our Experience Centre this weekend. We're handing out free samples of the Thanksgiving Feast, and maybe a trick or two!

Experience Centre Location: 1321 Post Ave, Torrance, CA

Spooky Hours: Thursday to Monday: 11am - 6pm. Bring your broomsticks!

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