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Marsatta Chocolate's Joyful Holiday Season with Sustainable Spirits and Ice Skating Wonders

Marsatta Chocolate's Joyful Holiday Season with Sustainable Spirits and Ice Skating Wonders

Greetings, chocolate lovers!

I'm Chef Jeffray from Marsatta Chocolate, your favorite bean-to-bar chocolate company. As the holiday season twinkles on the horizon, I'm over the moon to share the exciting festivities we've lined up for you!

Festive Chocolate Creations - A Marsatta Holiday Specialty

This holiday season, we're embracing the spirit of giving at Marsatta Chocolate. We're delighted to offer free samples of our latest festive chocolates, each a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Cherry Schnapps Bonbon: In a delightful collaboration with an Austrian family-owned business, we've crafted a cherry schnapps chocolate that is a true fusion of heritage and indulgence. This rich, fruity delight is our nod to holiday traditions with a Marsatta twist.

  • Sustainable Vodka-Infused Chocolate: We're excited to introduce a chocolate infused with Plant Botanical Vodka, known for its unique sustainability credentials. This vodka is made with grass, presenting a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to spirits. When combined with our bean-to-bar chocolate, it results in a smooth, sophisticated flavor that's as responsible as it is delicious.

Remember, these are limited edition treats, so be sure to visit us soon to get a taste of these exclusive holiday delights!

A Whirl of Fun at the Old Torrance Ice Skating Rink

The holiday cheer continues just a short distance from our Experience Centre. The new ice skating rink in Old Torrance is the perfect complement to our chocolatey offerings. Imagine gliding on the ice in a winter wonderland, then warming up with our delicious hot chocolate.

This rink isn't just a place for fun; it's a destination where holiday memories are born. After enjoying the festive atmosphere on the ice, join us at Marsatta Chocolate to warm up and indulge in our unique chocolate creations.

Experience the Magic of Marsatta This Holiday Season

At Marsatta Chocolate, we believe in creating experiences that resonate with joy and community spirit. This holiday season, we invite you to partake in our festivities – from our sustainable vodka-infused chocolates to the enchanting ice skating rink in Old Torrance.

Whether you're a Marsatta aficionado or new to our community, we can't wait to share the holiday spirit with you. Join us for a season of sustainable indulgence, joyous memories, and, of course, the finest bean-to-bar chocolate.

See you at the rink and in our centre – your festive chocolate samples await!

With warm holiday wishes,

Chef Jeffray 🍫⛸️🎄🌿


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