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"Earth Day" - Matcha Tea Bonbon


This 22nd of April, marks a special anniversary of 'Earth Day.' Since 1974, the United Nations has celebrated this day to help raise awareness of some of the biggest environment issues of our generation. To support this mission, we decided to create these limited edition chocolates that high-light the beauty of the earth. 

Matcha-Tea Infused Ganache: This Ganache is first infused with Japanese-origin Matcha Tea that is typically reserved for ceremonial services.  

Aroma & Taste: The refined Matcha has a very distinct, earthly yet lovely flavor profile. On the nose, you'll immediately be taken back to a Zen Garden of serenity, highlighted by the richness of Matcha Tea. On the palate, the bitter boldness of the matcha tea is complemented with the organic sweetened dark chocolate, for a light dance with nature.