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"Winter Collection" - Whiskey Infused Chocolate (4 Piece)

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Ok, yes. You've had whiskey from Japan, Canada, and Ireland. Scotch from Scotland. Bourbon from Kentucky.  But have you had California Whiskey? It's Orange County in a Glass, you can taste the wicked waves, brah. 

But this Whiskey is different. Its paving the way for approach to craftmanship, and showing that the best whiskey can be found right here in sunny California. 

Taste and Aroma: A whiff of the nose, and there's a very Smokey aroma with distinguished elegance. On the bite, the flavor comes alive, as the whiskey creates a harmonious beat to the deligate bean-to-bar chocolate notes. 

Recommended Pairings: We really like this chocolate as a stand alone treat. It's bold, but not overbearing, with a gentle loving tone.