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"Winter Collection" - Hazelnut Truffle

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Introducing a flavor inspired by the European flair at the Christmas market. Our Hazelnut Truffle Bonbon is made with a real organic Hazelnuts that converted into a special praline ganache with maximum flavor. 

Our Most Requested Flavor is Finally Here: We heard it countless times, when is Marsatta going to make Hazelnut bonbons. After tinkering for months, we have finally made our latest creation that takes Hazelnut to the next level. Infusing a special type of hazelnut praline through our proprietary hand-crafted process, we finally have developed an inner filling this is smooth and silky, yet light and airy. The results is a truffle-like indulgence that is rich, flavorful, yet light on the sugar. 

Taste and Texture: Creamy, crunchy, savory. It's difficult to describe this chocolate, as it transcends all tastebuds, for a very unique snapshot of flavor. A playful appreciation for one of our favorite Sunday afternoon treats.