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"Victoria Day" - Canadian Maple Infused Bonbon

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We are beyond proud of this latest creation, for impact to change the way society views maple syrup. Infusing one of the finest Quebec-sourced maple syrups, we reimagine what a maple chocolate should be. 

Changing the Narrative of Maple's Impact: Very often, maple chocolates is a novelty. Found in airports and souvenir gift shops, this often misses the mark, on what makes maple syrup so special to Canadians. For this initiative, we wanted to completely change the way society views maple syrup, by showcasing one of the purest forms of crystalized sugar that comes from our natural surroundings. 

Made with One of Quebec's Finest: We infused one of the best maple syrups we can find, from Shady Maple Farms in Quebec. Make no mistake, this syrup is like an aged Bordeaux wine, oozing with complexity, yet poised with confidence. A tribute to the natural development process, from a substance called Maple Sap from the extract of maple trees. 

How It's Made: A very complicated process to extract the pure essence of the maple syrup. The concentration is so abundant, that we add various amounts of layered dark chocolate, to harmonize the chocolate with sophisticated elegance. We finally sprinkle crystalized maple syrup, using our same process we distill sea salt, for an ultimate showcase.