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"Thanksgiving" - Wolves Whiskey Collaboration

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Introducing our latest Whiskey-Infused Bonbon, a delectable delight born from the perfect blend of exquisite craftsmanship and fine spirits. In collaboration with Wolves Whiskey, a brand that shares our devotion to handcrafted excellence and luxury, we proudly present a special treat that's sure to elevate your taste experience.

🥃 Wolves Whiskey Infusion: A Symphony of Flavor

Wolves Whiskey, based in the heart of Los Angeles, is renowned for its artful fusion of whiskey and craft beer, resulting in a truly unique flavor profile. This exceptional blend features a 7-year-old whiskey distilled from California Pale Ale, combined with 6 and 7-year-old rye whiskeys enriched with a higher rye content. But that's not all; another component of this blend emerges from Stout beer, maturing gracefully in used French Oak barrels for an impressive 9 years. The label itself, crafted from wine card stock, exemplifies the attention to detail that Wolves Whiskey is known for.

👃 Sensory Symphony: A Whiskey-Infused Overture

With every bite of our Whiskey-Infused Bonbon, you'll embark on a sensory journey:

Nose - Honeysuckle, citrus, hops, milk chocolate, black cherry, and warm vanilla invite you to savor the moment.

Tasting Notes - Tangerine, dark chocolate, hops, oak, citrus, and nutmeg dance on your palate in perfect harmony.

Finish - A long and warm embrace on the front palate gradually unfolds into a crescendo of rising spice on the finish.

🚗 Crafted with Passion: A Collaboration of Excellence

Our annual charity engagement in Pasadena for Dark Spirits, wouldn't be complete without a touch of elegance, and this year, we've joined forces with Wolves Whiskey, known for its Californian heritage and creative flair. Just as our handcrafted bonbons epitomize precision and artistry, Wolves Whiskey embodies the same spirit in every bottle, with a similar enthusiasm for rare sports cars. Distilled in Los Angeles, it represents a nod to tradition and innovation.


Savor the blend, relish the moment, and make a difference, one bonbon at a time. Grab yours today and join us in raising a toast to creativity, craftsmanship, and charity. Cheers! 🥂