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Tequila & Pear Sorbet


Indulge in the ultimate summer treat with our latest creation: Pear Tequila Sorbet with Alderwood Salt. Imagine biting into a perfectly ripe pear, its sweetness heightened by a splash of premium tequila, and finished with a whisper of smoky alderwood salt. This sorbet is a refreshing yet complex delight, designed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Crafted with only the finest, freshest ingredients, our Pear Tequila Sorbet is a celebration of natural flavors. We believe in keeping things pure and simple, which is why you'll find no preservatives or artificial additives here. Every spoonful is a testament to our commitment to quality, offering a clean and invigorating experience that's perfect for any occasion.

The combination of juicy pear, a dazzle of tequila, and the unique infusion of alderwood salt creates a flavor profile that's both tropical and subtly smoky. It's a dance of contrasts that works harmoniously to refresh and delight, making this sorbet an unforgettable addition to your summer menu.

Perfect for cooling off on a hot day or as a sophisticated finish to a meal, our Pear Tequila Sorbet with Alderwood Salt promises a journey of flavors with every bite. Come experience the magic at our Marsatta Chocolate Experience Centre and savor the taste of pure, preservative-free perfection.