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"St Patrick's Day" - Exclusive 18 Year Yamazaki Whisky Package

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A special curated selection that highlight's our infusion of 18 Year Aged Yamazaki Whisky. This gift-set is handcrafted with our most memorable products, from handcrafted bonbons to our award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate. 
Our First Pre-Order Offering, we are limiting this handcrafted run to only 50 Packages.  

Gift sets includes the following selection: 
  • 4 Piece Yamazaki Whisky Infused Bonbons: The ultimate expression of our Whisky infused bonbons. Made with an 18 Year Aged Whisky from our friends at Yamazaki, this is a remarkable chocolate, which notes. A harmony of a finish, with a notes of complexity, from caramel and rich notes but also a slightly earthy and peaty overtones. Words cannot truly describe this chocolate, it it a heavenly blight that leaves the heart fulfilled. 
  • 12 Piece Chef’s Selection: An assorted 12-piece selection of our most popular flavors, and includes our special flavors for the month
  • 2 Bean to Bar Chocolate Bars: Enjoy the exquisite taste of Marsatta’s famous bean to bar chocolates. Aged for over 6 months, and using a proprietary technique to maximize flavor, these are the definition of craftmanship 
  • 6 Piece Caramel Collection: A special chocolate "flight" of caramel-infused chocolates, but each with a twist. We infused various ingredients across the globe from Black Lava sea salt to ghost pepper salt. A memorable experience, made with our home-made caramel recipe. 
  • 2 Marsatta Cacao Teas: A unique infusion of fresh Cacao with organically sourced tea, for a morning cup of bliss with unique health benefits.