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"St Patrick's Day" - Chocolate Stout from Smog City Bonbon (5 Piece)

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A special St. Patrick's Day collaboration! This year, we are partnering with Smog City to infuse their beer in our chocolate. 

Chocolate Stout in a Chocolate: What if you took a Irish-style stout beer, that tastes like chocolate and infuse it in a chocolate, that taste's like Stout beer? We did this and even more...while still embracing the stout beer's aroma, texture, and quintessential Irish character. 

A Deep Stout Taste: This chocolate will take you on a journey. Yes, not unlike a 2am St. Patrick's run, where kissing green and finding some poutine is the name of the game. But this is a slightly different journey, where you'll experience these subtle notes of barley, hops, and a dash of good luck from the bottom of a rainbow.

Recommended Pairings: This goes exceptionally well with Smog City stout, all while unlocking these complex and deep notes of barley and a hint of hops. 

Bonbon Design: An ode to our friends in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, we've designed our chocolates to resemble an east-coast Canadian log. A huge Irish community in St. Johns, New Brunswick, and well known fact that the best logs come from eastern Canada.