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Raspberry Delight with Cardamon Bonbons (5 Piece)

Sold out

Our most requested Valentine's chocolate is back for a limited time! We take a special blend of raspberry and transform it into a ganache that has the intensity of our raspberry sorbet but with a "float on clouds" lightness. We then add a bit of cardamom that balances the sweetness of the raspberry and adds a layer of exploration in the taste. 

Recommended Pairings: This is a great chocolate to pair with dry white wines (like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay) but we particularly like this chocolate with Prosecco, especially Rose Prosecco. The crisp sparkle of the prosecco cuts really well into the raspberry ganache delivering a spectacular moment!

Aroma & Taste: On the nose, you will be invited to a ripe raspberry but with overtones of cranberry and a hint of strawberry. A subtle reminder to us that spring is just around the corner. On the palate, the raspberry and cardamom create a unique sensation that embraces the dark chocolate leading to complete bliss. 

Bonbon Design: Part of our "Chocolate as an Art" series, this chocolate features an ganache ornament shaped liked a raspberry. A nod to the original but in a modern almost 'art deco' way. 

Small Batch / Limited QuantitiesDue to the complexity to prepare this raspberry filling, we will be limiting quantities to a small batch. Please order soon as we anticipate they will sell out faster than last year.  

NOTE (FEB 14): Due to overwhelming popularity, we are completely sold out. All new orders is anticipated to be ready within 72 hours.