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"Oktoberfest" - Upshift Brewing Infused Bonbon

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🏁 Rev Up Your Senses with EdToberfest Grand Prix Bonbons

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Introducing a collaboration that will have your taste buds racing—our special EdToberfest Grand Prix Bonbons. Created in conjunction with El Segundo’s EdToberfest celebrations, we've partnered with Upshift Brewing Co. to fuel this luxury treat with their signature Brown Ale. It's a match as perfect as a finely-tuned sports car, designed to give your palate the ride of its life.

🚗 Zero to Delicious in Seconds

Picture the horsepower of Upshift's Brown Ale roaring through a silky chocolate exterior. The creamy malt profiles of the ale blend seamlessly with the rich cocoa, giving you that 0-to-60 acceleration of flavors in mere moments. If speed and precision in sportscars impress you, prepare to be amazed by the engineering behind each bite-sized bonbon.

🍺 The Aerodynamics of Flavor

Upshift’s Brown Ale is known for its harmonious blend of hops and malts, delivering a satisfying complexity with each sip. We've managed to capture this essence by infusing these bonbons with the ale, creating an aerodynamic flow of flavors that ensures a well-balanced tasting experience. Just like in sports car aerodynamics, every detail is fine-tuned to perfection.

🏎️ Under the Hood: Craftsmanship Meets Performance

What makes a sports car truly elite? Craftsmanship and performance. That’s exactly what you get with our EdToberfest Grand Prix Bonbons. The outer shell is crafted to sleek perfection, while the inner core of Upshift Brown Ale-infused ganache offers the kind of high-performance flavor that only a collaboration of this caliber can deliver.

🔥 Turbocharged for EdToberfest

These bonbons aren't just treats; they're turbocharged ambassadors of the EdToberfest spirit in El Segundo. They embody the excitement, the speed, and the community spirit that makes this festival unique. Enjoy them as you take in the racing events, or share a box with your pit crew. These are bonbons that celebrate not just the festival but the love of the race.

🏆 Limited Edition: A Collector’s Item

Much like a limited-edition sports car, these bonbons are available only for a short lap. Don't miss the chance to experience this high-octane collaboration; consider them the collector's items of the confectionery world.

🍫 Finish Line

Make no pit stops. Go directly for these EdToberfest Grand Prix Bonbons and be prepared for a flavor journey that’s as thrilling as a lap on the racetrack. The only difference? You won’t want this race to end.

Ready, set, indulge! 🏁🍫