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"Halloween" - Mountain-Picked Apples & Caramel Bonbon

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A chocolate that brings the festivities of a midwest autumn season into a delicious bite of chocolate. 

Made with Hand-picked Apples from High Altitude: We partnered with a garden ranch farm in New Mexico to get these sweet, almost honeycrisp but fresher (and organic) apples. Picked at an elevation of 7000+ Ft (over a mile high), these apples have a very tart and sweet taste, with a enjoyable crunch. A special selection was reserved for these chocolates, from their red apple variety, that has exceptional tangy & sweet overtones. 

Taste & Aroma: This is a State Fair's "candied apple" in a bite. On the note, you'll experience that seasonable bliss that summer is winding down, and the cool breeze of autumn is near us. On the palate, a full State Fair experience of home made caramel that balances the sweet tanginess of the apple.