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"Mother's Day" - Strawberry Cheesecake Bonbon

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We are so excited to finally introduce our Strawberry Cheesecake bonbon, just in time for Mother’s day.

A Willy Wonka Experience: This is as memorable as it gets. Imagine your favorite cheesecake, with the smooth silky texture, and the dazzle of Strawberry dressing. This bonbon allows your to step back, and reflect on a creamy indulgence.

Perfect you can taste: We love this bonbon because it pushes the boundary of where a chocolate can go. An almost dessert-like qualities, this chocolate has taken months to perfect, but the balance and taste is to a whole new level. 

Taste and Texture: One of our Chef’s most remarkable chocolate initiatives, and he sure delivers. This is, to the spot, like a strawberry cheesecake. The ganache has a creamy smooth finish that is harmonized with a subtle but recognizable strawberry notes.