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"World Environment Day" - Pistachio(!?) Wine Infused

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Pistachio wine-infused bonbon.

Yes, you read that correctly! A wine made a with real pistachio for a bolder, nuttier taste. 

Where on Earth did we find this?: While travel to see family in this past year across country we were very surprised to find this amazing place in the middle of the New Mexico Desert, a pistachio farm, 

Made with Real Pistachios and a unique infusion: The way this wine is made, is an art in itself.  Made with pistachios in the same farm, we were amazed at the meticulous process and detail, leading to such a unique flavor, and a personality all to its own.

Tasting Notes: The semi sweet, spirited wine conjures memories of cream soda with strong vanilla notes. It finishes with a subtle nutty flavor, inspired by the fresh pistachio ganache.