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Marsatta Spice Challenge - Package



Prepare for an otherworldly encounter with the Marsatta Spice Challenge—the spiciest chocolate known to mankind! Boasting a profile so scorching it's been listed on America's Most Wanted and banned in 6 Canadian provinces and 2 territories, this infernal confectionery spectacle is taking the world by storm.

As showcased on Instagram, the Marsatta Spice Challenge is a sensory ordeal designed to test the boundaries of your palate. Brave participants can look forward to:

🌶️ 4-Piece Bonbon Challenges: The escalating lava of spice encapsulated in these luxurious bonbons starts with a gentle ember and finishes with the ferocity of a supernova. Hold onto your taste buds!

🎉 12-Piece Grand Cru: After surviving the onslaught, celebrate your victory with our curated selection of Grand Cru chocolate. A luxurious reprieve from the fiery depths you’ve just conquered!

🌡️ Hazmat Suit (Sold Separately): This isn't just some quirky marketing; you might actually need it. To fully appreciate the extreme nature of this challenge, we recommend protective gear. Sold separately, for those daring enough to take the plunge.

NOTE: Participants eager for the "real" spice challenge—i.e., a spice level that transcends human comprehension—must also sign a waiver. We can’t say we didn’t warn you.

So, are you brave enough to face the Marsatta Spice Challenge? Test your mettle and embrace the thrill of spice like you’ve never imagined. Perfect for daredevils, heat enthusiasts, and anyone who believes they’ve got what it takes to tackle this scalding symphony of flavors.

Tap into your inner firewalker. Your journey to the zenith of spice begins here.


Orders will ship in Early October