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Java Crisp Coffee Bar.


A very unique chocolate bar that is inspired by classic Italian biscuits, biscotti, that are often paired with coffee. This chocolate graduated from the Marsatta R&D labs, where the 'crunch' has been perfected for the perfect bite. The Java Crisp pairs exceptionally well with coffee, mocha, and espresso. 

Fundraising for a Cause: We are selling this bar in packs of 5 and 12, where proceeds go to a scholarship program for Girls pursuing their athletic dreams.

Limited Edition: We are limiting this small batch to a limited time before they go back in the Marsatta Vault. Order yours today before they run out. 

Real Coffee, Freshly Grinded

We use an exquisite blend of coffee that enhances the flavor profile and especially the aroma

All Natural Ingredients

We use the best cocoa on the planet with the mix of cane sugar

A Light Wafer Crunch

We have perfected the crunch to provide maximum enjoyment. It's the perfect feeling for the ultimate  light snack. 

Supports a Great Cause

We're using the proceeds on this chocolate to support a scholarship program for Girls to follow their hockey dreams

Supporting Girls That Dream Big

At Marsatta, we're focused on being more than a chocolate company, but building a stronger community starting with the future leaders of tomorrow. That is why we are using the proceeds of this chocolate to support a Scholarship program for girls that want to pursue their student-athlete dreams. 

Our First Scholarship Recipient: Emma of Los Angeles

We're proud to support Emma, who is pursuing her dream of playing ice hockey at an elite level.

Emma started playing hockey around the time her younger brothers started to skate around 2010. The family ‘hockey rule’ was you can play any position except goaltending. Emma is a girl that always listened to her parents except the ‘hockey rule’. So with the assistance of a family friend who was also a goaltender Emma was introduced to goaltending and has never looked back.

She has played in both boys and girls leagues including the Los Angeles Kings High School League.
In order for Emma to excel even further, like most, she has had to leave home to find a new ‘hockey’ home. As a goaltender, open spots are sometimes difficult to find.
Thankfully she did find one In Canada and couldn’t be more excited. What she didn’t prepare for that was not taught at her numerous goaltending schools this summer was how to survive a quarantine! 

It tastes exactly like Coffee Crisp but better!

Customer - California

The taste is unbelievable. This would go great with my morning coffee

Customer - California

How do you like your Java? CRISP!
It's fantastic. 

Customer - Oregon

About the Chocolate

About the Scholarship