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"Father's Day" - Pink Whitney Infused Bonbons

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This time, Chocolate is for the Boys. Introducing our Pink Whitney Infused Bonbons. Perfect for those hockey towns that have a tee time before June

Infused with Pink Whitney Cocktail: What is Pink Whitney, you ask? Some say it's the hockey version of the Arnold Palmer. Other's say it's a magical concoction, that is given down to us from the graces of angels. Pink Whitney is not a drink, rather it's a way of life.   

The Fist of McSorley meets the Grace of Gretzky: Take a first bite, and bam, you got 5 for fighting. But then the deep chocolate notes skate gracefully, going stride for stride, with a decadent top-shelf finish. 

Disclaimer Note: This chocolate will give you what your father couldn't...dignity and courage. Can it help the Toronto Maple Leafs finally get past their arch-rival, the 1st round of playoffs? Well, it probably couldn't hurt. Can it help Calgary figure out how to coach. The short answer, is that after a few of these, all problems on the ice can be solved.