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"Father's Day" - Oberon Beer infused Chocolates (Gift Box)

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One of our Michigan clients asked us to infuse a special Michigan beer in our Handcrafted Series. Not only could we not resist, we insisted we share to all. 

Made with Michigan in Mind: We are head over heels for Michigan. From Cider & Donuts in the fall, the cherry festival in TC, to the rise of optimism in Detroit. For us, Michigan is more than great lakes, and great times, but a tribute to some of the best ingredients in the world. Hops, honey, cherries, and most of all, beer. 

Infused with Oberon Beer: For many Canadians, the unofficial start of summer starts at Victoria Day. For Michiganders, however, Summer is finally here is Oberon is available. More than beer, this is a savory vessel made on Mt Olympus with a concoction of drinkable gold. Some say this powered the Red Wing's storied run in the early 2000s. We don't know, but this wheat beer is beyond ordinary. It's so magical, it's been banned at Hogwarts. 

Taste Profile: This is like listening to Mo-town for the first time. A Soul rhythm with some beats by Eminem. This is going Platinum.