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"Father's Day" - Dad's Root Beer Infused Bonbon

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A special collaboration with our friends from "Real Soda in Real Bottles," this is a special ode to a drink that defined America's industrial rise...the Root Beer. 

A Special Collab: We had a chance to meet Danny, the founder of Real Soda. You may have never heard of him, but I'm sure you have tried his beverages, that are available in nearly every restaurant and store...from SpaceX to eCommerce. What's amazing about Real Soda's story is how intertwined soda is with America. We are so excited to say this is a preview of a bigger collaboration, looking through the history of soda through the lens of Chocolate.   

Dad's Root Beer. From 1937: Yes, that's correct, 1937. Alaska wasn't a state. Toronto Maple Leafs were relevant in the playoffs. And Google wasn't invented (People searched for facts in these analog tablets in these places called libraries, that's kind of like the Netflix of Books). 

Taste and Appearance: Nothing gets more Dad than this. Insert your dad joke here [What does a tree drink? Root Beer!]. Goes well with tube socks in sandals, funky ties on Friday, and docker pants. We love you Dad!