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"EXP1" - Herbal Fig Infusion White Chocolate

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This is our first experimental chocolate, part of Marsatta R&D. We normally test our latest chocolates on our reward members (No one has turned into a big blueberry yet, but we are working on some performance enhancing chocolate...stay tuned). 

Bean-to-Bar White Chocolate: It starts out with our made-from-scratch white chocolate, made with fresh cacao butter from the same beans as our nibs. This butter is creamy, smooth, and just filled with flavor.  

A Superfood Concoction: We add organic figs, a special source of turmeric from India, and a hint of Manuka Honey from new Zealand, that is know to have amazing health benefits. 

Infused with a Superfood called Ashwagandha: Kale is so 2019. This is the next big trend in wellness, and maybe the greatest Superfood you have never heard of. Commonly known as "Indian Winter Cherry", this is a root, that is known to provide incredible mood elevation and help with Stress, anxiety, fatigue, arthritis and more. At it's core, it's a Mood Elevator

OK, but What Does this Superfood do? A LOT! Studies have shown that Ashwagandha can reduce blood sugar levelsreduce cortisol levels, and improve mood and anxiety. Great for LA Clipper fans, Toronto Leafs fans, and really anyone having a tough day. Check out a full list of benefits here

We are only making 50 bars as a small batch trial, and each of them comes with a unique design (A preview of our future bar designs for 2023).