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Exclusive Gift Set for Morgan Stanley Reserved (Winter 2023)


A special curated selection that features a selection of handcrafted, premium chocolates, exclusive to our friends at Morgan Stanley Reserved. This gift-set is handcrafted with our most memorable products, from handcrafted bonbons to our award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate bars. 

Gift sets includes the following selection: 

  • 6 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Bars: Indulge in the luxurious world of Marsatta’s premium bean-to-bar chocolates, where each bar is a masterpiece of flavor. These artisanal creations are meticulously aged for over six months, allowing their unique profiles to deepen and intensify. Employing innovative techniques to enhance the beans’ inherent notes, Marsatta ensures that every bar embodies the pinnacle of chocolate craftsmanship. This collection isn't just chocolate; it's a journey through rich, velvety landscapes and aromatic peaks, crafted for the connoisseur’s palate.
  • 12 Piece Bonbon Gift Set - New Year's Edition: Usher in the New Year with a touch of opulence with Marsatta’s 12 Piece Bonbon Gift Set. This bespoke collection features a symphony of flavors, each bonbon a testament to our chocolatier’s artistry, with a heart of champagne-infused ganache. Selected and perfected by our esteemed Executive Chef, these bonbons boast a sophisticated interplay of taste and texture—caramel sweetness, intense chocolate notes, and an undercurrent of earthy, peaty sophistication. More than just a treat, they are an experience—a crescendo of culinary excellence that promises to linger on your palate long after the moment has passed.
  • 2 Bottles of Bean-to-Bar Organic Nibs: Discover the pure, unadulterated crunch of Marsatta's Bean-to-Bar Organic Nibs. These nibs are sourced from the finest organic cacao beans, meticulously roasted, and cracked to perfection. Rich in antioxidants and bursting with the natural, robust flavors of cacao, they provide a satisfyingly bitter crunch that's both healthy and delicious. Ideal for adding to your morning bowl of oatmeal, blending into smoothie bowls, or sprinkling over desserts for an added depth of chocolatey essence.
  • Curated Marsatta Experience Pass: Delight in the anticipation of Marsatta’s world-class chocolate offerings with an elegantly discreet Experience Pass. This pass is your golden ticket to uncovering a carefully curated selection of chocolate treasures, valued at $20. The bearer will be privy to an exclusive exploration of rich, artisanal flavors and unparalleled craftsmanship. This Experience Pass isn't just a gift; it's a doorway to moments of pure chocolate indulgence that await your discernment and desire.