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"Marsatta's 20th Birthday" - Crème de la Crème Bonbon (4 Piece)

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In 1965, the Beatles first launched the song "Yesterday" that changed the way we listen to Music. In 1977, Steve Jobs launches the Apple II, that changed the way we look at Electronics. 

Well friends, this year, we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, and we celebrate with our greatest bonbon created...the Crème de la Crème Bonbon. A chocolate so pure, it challenges the very definition of "chocolate." 

Inspired by Greatness, Pursuing Perfection: When President John F. Kennedy famously said "we do these things not because it is easy, but because they are hard," many thought he was talking to the NASA scientists right before the Space Race. Perhaps even eccentric Billionaires racing to the moon many decades later. But Marsatta took notice, and on our 20th birthday, we are launching our greatest masterpiece yet. 

Pure 100% Bean-to-Bar Exterior with Delicate Interior Ganache: On the nose, a fragrance so majestic that it encapsulates you with it's dark chocolate aroma. With a bite, the 100% pure chocolate shell breaks into a way for velvety smooth chocolate. Airy and light as a truffle, but pure. We've had customers lose track of time, even forget who they were, from the deep richness that is this chocolate. 

Limited Time Only: With such a delicate and labor-intensive process to make this chocolate, we are limiting this to a small batch run, for our 20th birthday celebration.