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"Cinco de Mayo" - Carolina Reaper Pepper Bonbon

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This pepper is so hot, we had to wear double layered gloves while preparing this caramel-infused chocolate. 

2,000,000 units on the Scoville Scale: What is Scoville? It's the measure of units of heat concentration. Short answer, this is hot. Like 1 drop and it turns a regular dish into spicy chili.  

Aroma & Taste: It looks deceptively harmless. Oh, a salted caramel with a spice? Innocuous like a cute kitten. Then bam! The heat, oh the heat. If a Sean Evans Interview were bundled into a chocolate, this would be it. 

Recommended Pairings: Have a glass of cold milk sitting there, just in case. This is not a joke. Milk's pH acidity is around 6.6, making it an ideal liquid after consuming very hot food. If you are not a fan of the person next to you, give them a high-carbonated beer. 

DANGER: This chocolate is not a toy. It should be illegal in certain provinces of Canada, if not already. Rumor has it, that it's magic is used to power heating units in Newfoundland. We are not responsible for any pranks that you may play on your co-workers, family members, neighbors, etc, no matter how entertaining it may be. 

Included in the giftbox is 4 pieces of our Carolina Reaper Infused Bonbon. Hazmat suit sold separately.