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"20th Anniversary" - Project Barley Infused Bonbon

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🚀 Introducing the "Slapshot" Bonbon - A Fusion of Flavors: For fans of fine chocolate and craft beer alike, we present the exclusive "Slapshot" bonbon. Inspired by Project Barley's tantalizing blood orange sour beer, "Slapshot," and our penchant for artisan chocolate, this creation is where tangy zest meets silky sweet indulgence. Imagine the refreshing burst of blood orange and the subtle tartness of sour beer, all encased in our rich, velvety, bean-to-bar chocolate. It's a game-changing flavor profile that scores with every bite!

👨‍🍳 Craftsmanship in Every Bite: Our "Slapshot" bonbons are more than a tasty treat; they're a testament to the artistry of flavor combination. Made with our signature chocolate-making process, we ensure every piece contains the highest quality cacao, responsibly sourced and carefully handled from bean to bar. The infusion of Project Barley's craft beer—synonymous with tradition and taste—takes this experience to a league of its own.

🎁 Limited Edition Boxes - The Perfect Celebration: Whether you're reminiscing about the good times with us or are new to our chocolate-loving community, there's no better way to join in the festivities than with a box of "Slapshot" bonbons. Available in:

  • 🌟 The Power Play: A sophisticated 4-piece set, perfect for an intimate indulgence or a precious gift for any enthusiast. Each bite is a journey through rich, nuanced flavors.

  • 🥳 The Hat Trick: Our 12-piece collection, ideal for sharing the joy. This set is ready to be the life of the party, offering a taste adventure for friends, family, and fellow hockey fans alike.

🥂 A Toast to Community and Craft: As we celebrate 20 years, we're not just honoring our commitment to exceptional chocolate—we're tipping our hats to you, our supporters, and to the art of collaboration. This collab with Project Barley highlights the magic that can happen when local artisans join forces, creating something truly special.

Secure your limited edition "Slapshot" bonbon collection today, and be a part of this delightful chapter in our story. Here's to shared passions, community support, and of course, the love of chocolate and craft beer. Cheers to many more years of sweet moments and innovative collaborations! 🎉🍫