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"20th Anniversary" - Don Francisco Coffee Infused Mocha Bonbon

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Introducing our meticulously crafted Mocha Bonbon with a twist, the perfect blend of smooth chocolate, creamy textures, and an exotic kick of Don Francisco's Organic Mayan Blend Coffee. Made to honor our extraordinary collaboration with Don Francisco's Coffee, we're unveiling this unique confectionery creation just in time for LA Mag's special event.

Each Mocha Bonbon captures the essence of the Organic Mayan Blend, known for its medium-dark roast that unfolds a fascinating harmony of flavors. Feel the subtle floral aroma meet your senses, gently awakening the olfactory, creating an irresistible precursor to the indulgence that awaits. Then, savor the first taste and surrender to the robust yet refined flavors where hints of chocolate merge with coffee, achieving an exquisite symphony of taste.

Infused with fresh Don Francisco's coffee, our bonbons resonate with the unique characteristics of the Organic Mayan Blend. Each bite introduces the vibrant notes of a rich, velvety coffee that is distinctly aromatic and smoothly resonant. The coffee infusion enhances the bonbon's chocolatey core, contributing layers of complexity that dance on the tongue.

The Don Francisco's Coffee infusion not only enriches the flavors but imbues the bonbons with a touch of mystique. Known for their exceptional coffee blends, Don Francisco's brings a taste of the lush Mayan landscapes to every bonbon, turning each bite into an exotic journey.

These Mocha Bonbons are not just another addition to our collection, but a tribute to the age-old love affair between chocolate and coffee. Exclusively crafted for the discerning palates, they create a symphony of taste and aroma that lingers long after the last bite.

We are thrilled to share this collaboration with all of our followers and invite you to experience this unique fusion of flavors that transcends the ordinary. Get ready to embark on a taste adventure with our Mocha Bonbons, an irresistible treat that celebrates the magic of coffee and the elegance of fine chocolate. An unmissable gourmet experience awaits you.