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Cherry Blossom Bonbon (4 Piece)

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This chocolate took marathons to get here. But we can finally say "Nike" (which comes from Greek to mean Victory), because this is destined for podium in Chocolate history!

American Cherries, American Chocolate: Inspired by Traverse City's Cherry Festival, these cherries are ripe with flavor. The freshness is very remarkable with fragrant sweetness that is quite uplifting. We then infuse the chocolates with 

Flavor Profile with a Sprint-to-the-End Finish: The tart of the cherries, although sharp, is immediately balanced by the savory sweet profile of the rich dark chocolate. Once the cherries pass the baton to the chocolate, the last sprint of flavor is a relaxed, graceful, smoothness, deserving of a medal. 

Gift Box Included with 4 Pieces: We Pack four incredible chocolates, into our gift box, for the perfect gift for weddings, summer holidays, and just catching up. Our gift box has a magnetic closure just like a jewelry box, which makes it much more reusable and sustainable then throw-away packaging. 

Inspiration: Summer isn't summer until Traverse City, Michigan has their World Famous Cherry Festival. What better way to celebrate this divine fruit with a unique chocolate vehicle that takes on a ride of it's own.