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"Halloween" - Pumpkin Spice Bonbon

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Step into a world of flavor where the past meets the present, and let our Spice Pumpkin bonbons take you on a mesmerizing journey back to the days when milk cost a mere nickel. Prepare for a taste experience that's not just delicious but downright festive and fun.

Pumpkin Spice Revolution! Had enough of the same-old pumpkin spice woes? We hear you! Our Spice Pumpkin bonbons are your ticket to a flavor revolution that's as wild as a retro dance party and as tasty as a carnival treat. We tediously prepare real pumpkins with a host of spices, including nutmeg and cinnamon. Are Chef is adamant on cinnamon from a stick, because that's where you get this purest element of flavor. We then bake the pumpkin, where the spices become infused in this treat. 

Chef's Spice Symphony: Our fearless Chef's mission was clear from the start: embrace authenticity. With real pumpkins, genuine spices (think cinnamon from sticks), and a dash of culinary magic, we've crafted a flavor symphony that's a true masterpiece.

Flavor Fireworks: One bite, and you're in for a flavor extravaganza that rivals the grandest fireworks display. Creamy pumpkin, zesty spices, and dark chocolate come together in a taste sensation that'll redefine your pumpkin spice expectations. It's time to join the flavor fiesta and savor the fun!

A Barnride in a Bite: This is pumpkin pie and then some. A whiff takes you on a haunted hayride across the bar. First stop? deep pumpkin, which its deep creamy but wholesome flavor. The perfect brush of spices that gives it a kick, but in a fresh delivery. Mixed with the dark chocolate, you'll enter a deep spell of serenity and bliss.