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Chef Jeffray's Exciting Announcement: Experience New Flavors at Our Store!

Chef Jeffray's Exciting Announcement: Experience New Flavors at Our Store!

Greetings to all the sweet tooths and flavor explorers! Chef Jeffray here, and I'm thrilled to share some exciting developments from our kitchen, especially as we gear up for the esteemed Masters of Tastes event. We've been experimenting with some delightful new concoctions that I am eager for you to try. Now these are technically not launched yet, but we wanted you to try it before we launch them in the upcoming weeks!

First off, we’ve created the Peanuts and Crackerjack Milk Chocolate Bar. This treat is a nostalgic nod to baseball season, crafted with crunchy peanuts and a playful crackerjack twist enveloped in rich milk chocolate. It’s perfect for that 7th inning stretch, or anytime you crave a playful twist on classic flavors.

Next, we've blended the distinct flavors of Matcha and Orange in a new chocolate bar that is nothing short of divine. The savory depth of matcha tea meets the bright, citrusy sparks of orange zest, forming a sophisticated and memorable chocolate experience that's as refreshing as it is indulgent.

Lastly, we are particularly excited about our collaboration with a local LA distillery to create the Blood Orange Amaro Bonbon. This bonbon combines the zesty sweetness of blood orange with the complex, herbal notes of amaro, resulting in a truly unique chocolate that tantalizes the palate with its bold, refined flavors.

In celebration of these new creations, we’re offering an exclusive tasting experience:

  • 📍 Location: Visit us at the Experience Centre, 1321 Post Ave, Torrance, CA
  • 🕚 Times: We're open from 11 AM to 6 PM for your tasting pleasure
  • 🍫 Free Samples: Come by and enjoy free samples of our latest innovations

We can’t wait for you to stop by and explore these new flavors with us. Each bite reflects our passion for innovative culinary creations and our commitment to using delightful, local ingredients.

Hope to see you soon!

Chef Jeffray

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