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A Heartfelt Note from Chef Jeffray on Cyber Monday

A Heartfelt Note from Chef Jeffray on Cyber Monday

Dear Friends,

In the midst of Cyber Monday's buzz, it's vital for me to share a more personal side. Sure, the day is draped in consumerism, but for our small, independent chocolate shop, it's a meaningful opportunity. Your support during this time isn't just about sales; it's about sustaining our craft and passion.

Our Assorted Seasonal Collection, now offered at 25% off with the code CYBER25, includes cherished flavors like Champagne Infused Bonbons, Pacific Sea Salt Caramel, and more. Each purchase helps us continue to provide unique, high-quality chocolates and compete in a market often dominated by larger players.

Order it here:

Your choice to support us is a powerful statement. It's an affirmation of the value of small businesses and the artisanal quality we bring to your lives. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and for choosing to make a difference with your purchases.

With deepest gratitude,
Chef Jeffray

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