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Reimagining a Classic: The Birth of Marsatta's Meyer Lemon Sorbet Glacée

Reimagining a Classic: The Birth of Marsatta's Meyer Lemon Sorbet Glacée

Greetings Marsatta Family,

As we mark our 20th year of crafting exquisite treats, I find myself reminiscing about the journey and the creations that became fan favorites. One such delight that has been consistently requested over the years is our Meyer Lemon Sorbet. However, this time, I wanted to reinvent this classic, adding a twist that would elevate its flavor profile while keeping its essence intact. And so, the Meyer Lemon Sorbet Glacée was born.

For those who are new to the term 'glacée,' it is a French term for 'iced,' often used to describe smooth, creamy, frozen treats. In our case, it is a blend of sorbet and glacée that results in a unique texture - slightly thicker than sorbet but retaining its refreshing lightness.

The magic starts with Meyer lemons, a unique variety known for their sweet-tart balance. Handpicked from a trusted local farm, these lemons possess a zestiness and fragrance that breathe life into our glacée. Our careful crafting process ensures that we capture the full-bodied citrusy flavor and the natural sweetness of these lemons. The final product? A glacée that provides a crisp, lemonade-like refreshing twist, making each spoonful feel like a revitalizing summer breeze.

I believe what makes our Meyer Lemon Sorbet Glacée a hit among fans is its perfect blend of familiar and new. It offers the classic refreshment of a sorbet while the glacée element adds a creamy richness that elevates the entire sensory experience. This delightful frozen treat is light yet satisfying, simple yet surprising - a testimony to Marsatta's commitment to flavor innovation and quality.

And now, for the best part. We are thrilled to offer free samples of our Meyer Lemon Sorbet Glacée this weekend at our Experience Center! Join us on Saturday from 1 pm - 6 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm - 3 pm. Here's your chance to savor this reinvented classic in small-sized cups and experience the enchanting blend of sorbet and glacée for yourself.

In creating the Meyer Lemon Sorbet Glacée, I aimed to offer a dessert that not only quenches summer thirst but also evokes a sense of joy and wonder with every spoonful. This 20th Anniversary special is more than just a frozen treat - it's a celebration of two delightful decades, the magic of reinvention, and the shared love for all things sweet.

Here's to many more years of sweetness, surprises, and shared moments at Marsatta!

Chef Jeffray

Check out our LEMON SORBET for a FREE CUP this Weekend!
Where: Our Experience Centre (1972 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA) 
When: Saturday (1pm - 6pm), Sunday (1pm - 3pm) 

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